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I grew up in a boxing family and my late brother, Kizito Mutava was the first to start boxing in my family. At that time I was 5 years old and ever since then, I fell in love with the sport. I have participated in many amateur fights and I have an ABA (Amateur Boxing Association) coaching qualification which I received in the United Kingdom.

I have always had a passion for the sport of boxing, health and fitness and I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

I am a passionate sportsman that enjoys the art of boxing, and at the same time I enjoy training my clients in a way that they get to experience real boxing skills and fundamentals and the feeling of stepping inside the ring! I am motivated by my clients, the effort, hard work and sweat they put in to achieve their goals. That keeps me dedicated to my work, pushing them outside their comfort zone. In my spare time I enjoy dancing, playing basketball, going to church and watching local hockey games.



Born and raised in Gweru Zimbabwe, in a family of 4 and I’m the last born . I’m the only one who started boxing in my family at the age of 8. I was inspired by my first trainer Frank Mutero. He taught me how to stand for myself and defend myself. As I grew older I fell in love with it. My first boxing amateur fight was in 2003 and I have fought 24 boxing matches, with the record of 21 wins and 3 losses. I also represented my province at the Zimbabwe national youth games boxing tournament and I earned a gold medal.


I’m a young man with the love of boxing as a sport. I also enjoy training my clients, pushing them out of their boundaries to achieve their goals. As a sportsman my dream is to be a world champion one day, building the best boxing environment back to the community where I came from. Besides boxing I also enjoy playing basketball and listening to music – it keeps me going.